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James Gigante

Steven Huset

I started working with different media when I was eight. I had a reel-to-reel tape recorder with which my cousins and I made radio shows for our family. A couple of years later I made two films with my brother, Indiana James, and Mr. Green. Since then I have worked on dozens of films, some on my own, some with Steven Huset, and some with an ever growing group of talented individuals. I have also recently branched out in to photography and writing.


Director, Editor

I got into telling stories as soon as I understood what they were. Stories have always captivated me. They teach us, inspire us, and share deeply held traditions and beliefs with us. When I was older, around 5th grade, I picked up my first camera, James's camera. After seeing how much I used it my parents decided to do something amazing. They bought me my very own camcorder A RCA VHS shoulder mounted camera that I still own to this very day. That camera is what I cut my teeth on. While I have used dozens of cameras over the years to tell my stories I will always remember the beginning of my journey. But filming is only part of the story. Later on in High school I would learn the craft of editing and compositing and would push my self to craft my stories. Friends like, Jonny Vliet, Michael Rea and Chris Morrison helped push new ideas and to harness this new technology that was just coming out on the market. The beauty of this medium is not just the stories we tell others but also the journey we go soon ourselves. May we always be growing and learning though the stories we hear and the ones we choose to tell.


Editor, Cinematographer




Below are a sample of some of our videos we have produced over the years. Check out our youtube channels for a complete listing of our videos. And enjoy!




RCA Cameras


Giant House Productions has created multiple forms of entertainment over the years, and we looking at expanding and growing our list of shows as well as stand alone videos. Click below to find out more about our various series of videos and to visit their respective pages.

Star Voyage

The Gymnics Show

Starlight Steve

Star Voyage

Star Voyage started for Steven and James as a rough idea of kids, adventure and space. They started shooting episodes of it in Steven's basement back in 1995 while saying good bye to Nathan Flemmer who was moving away. Later on, Nic Shipowick, Ted Flo, Charles Isaac Samuel and others joined in on the various 39 episodes they shout. When Steven moved to Minnesota he continued shooting with the help of, Chris Eno, Michael Rea, Jonny Vliet, Chris Morrison and many others. The show continued on in Michigan during the college years and still continues to be a big part of Giant House culture and its creative outlets, driving deeper skills in special effects and creative practical filming.

The Gymnics Show

During the 2005-2006 gymnastic season, Steven Huset followed around the Gymnics team as they practiced and performed for their schools gymnastic team. What follows was a 6 part documentary that was filled with, hard work, intrigue, and suspense. And some injuries, there were some of those.

Starlight Steve

Starlight Steve is a late talk radio show created by Jonny Vliet and Steven Huset in the early 2000's. It featured many random "guest" that were voiced by the talented Jonny Vliet and interviewed by Steven's host character "Starlight Steve". There were also many notable guest and side characters as well as their legendary sponsor, The Creepy Doll collection.


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